From the world we have to the world we want

Action Not Excuses. tomorrow is too late.

Since 2020, Costa Rican youth are taking action to stop climate change.​

Greentalist is an environmental education programme and seeks to develop a communication strategy to change negative environmental behaviours into positive ones

“Greentalist is the answer to the needs we find in Costa Rican youth, it is a space and a community for young people to not only become aware of the importance of sustainable lifestyles, but to act and become environmental leaders, being an example for their peers.”

Together with young people we will be able to act and fight for a greener and fairer world, as well as train and support a new generation of young leaders. young people.

Young people are key to creating solutions to the biggest challenges we face globally. Ecosystem loss, climate change and unsustainable patterns of production and consumption among a population that will grow to more than nine billion by 2050 threaten the world’s most vulnerable people. The most vulnerable youth do not have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of green growth policies as part of the solution. This must change.

In Costa Rica, since February 2020, 25 youth from the Raleigh Costa Rica Society, Red Cross Youth, the Association of Guides and Scouts, the National Assembly of the Young Person, and the National Network of Rural Youth have received intensive trainings in campaign design. The training has provided this group of young people with the tools and space to raise their voices in defense of the environment, and with the purpose of mobilizing more of their peers they designed the program: Greentalist by and for the youth.

Build a community of young Greentalists committed to driving the adoption of positive environmental practices in Costa Rica. Greentalist does more than just increase knowledge and awareness, as each participant in the educational programme has to complete ten good environmental practices and one leadership action to become certified as an environmental leader. Therefore, each young person will use their new knowledge to mobilise at least 10 other young people to promote positive environmental practices through their participation in the programme and the registration of good environmental practices.

Our work at Greentalist is framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which directly impact the following: 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production, 13 Climate Action, 14 Underwater Life, 15 Life on Earth and 17 Partnership to Achieve the Goals. The work of the Greentalist project will allow us to develop and implement a comprehensive environmental education programme that can continue to be delivered and greatly improved. We believe that our main impact will come from creating environmental leaders, who will continue to disrupt their contexts, live more sustainably and work and even become the decision makers of generations to come.