“My experience has been brilliant”

My experience with Raleigh Costa Rica has been brilliant so far. I’ve met so many amazing an funny people and worked within some breathtaking environments. It’s been a pleasure working with the rangers here at La Cangreja National Park, who are so lovely! I have definitely pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself when it came to aiding in teaching a lesson in a Spanish school. I have, however, enjoyed every moment and I look forward to my next phase.

I believe our impact at La Cangreja has been worth it! During our phase, we unloaded approximately 3,000 trees and planted around 600 of them. We’ve also distributed trees amongst locals to get them involved in maintaining the surrounding forest.

One day, we walked to the local school and worked with 8 of the children there. Our group taught a lesson where we explained a little about England, some information on Raleigh and what we have been up to at La Cangreja.

Finally, we have cleared around 300-500 metres of the Rio Negro trail through La Cangreja. We created steps so it was easier for visitors to climb the steeper bits and cleared the other paths and bridges so they were safer to use

I believe more aid should be given to help all national parks throughout Costa Rica and the world! The rangers here at La Cangreja cannot do this work alone whilst also keeping the species living within the national park safe from poachers. We were lucky enough to be here during International Rangers Day where we learnt more about to incredible work they do for the parks and the risks they take everyday.

I would highly recommend you to come on a Raleigh Costa Rica Expedition and join the fight for change here!

I’ll never forget the work I have done here and the people I have met.

Molly Cartwright – 20 years old

22F – La Cangreja National Park, August 5th, 2022

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