Raleigh Continues to Run Expeditions in Costa Rica

Raleigh Costa Rica has been the home to many. The lasting positive change we create, alongside the life-changing impact on youth, can only be found here. This is why we are keeping the ‘Raleigh spirit’, alive; we want to continue changing the lives of young people, empowering them to become our next leaders, whilst increasingly access to education in indigenous communities and protecting the national parks of Costa Rica.

After the closure of Raleigh International on May 31, Raleigh Costa Rica has maintained independent status and has continued to operate Expeditions in Costa Rica. We aim to honour the legacy of Raleigh International, Raleigh Nicaragua, and Raleigh Nepal by providing the opportunity to many more young people for years to come.

So, YES, we are still here and we are excited to welcome you on a future Expedition in Costa Rica! Applications are now open:

2022 – Cycle 3 (October to December)
2023 – Cycle 1 (February to April)
2023 – Cycle 2 (June to August)
2023 – Cycle 3 (October to December)


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